Places To Visit

Port de Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni is a little fishing town on the Atlantic bank of southwest Morocco with a populace of around 20,000 individuals. It is a previous Spanish province that has kept up its legacy. Sidi Ifni is a well known riding spot.


Rabat, the Moroccan capital and a famous traveler objective, is situated on the coast and was named one of CNN’s top travel objections in 2012. With expansive streets and outside bistros, the city’s new segment is entertaining.


Meknes is known as the “City of a Hundred Minarets” due to its plenitude of sanctuaries, mosques, royal residences, and structures. It is situated close to the city of Fes in northern Morocco. Meknes, established by a Berber clan in the ninth century, rose to conspicuousness as an invigorated town in the eleventh century.


Chefchaouen may very well also be named the blue city since it is filled with – what else? – blue-toned designs. Chefchaouen is a mainstream vacationer location in northwest Morocco since it is near Tangier.